Dancing in the Middle of the Desert.

Deep in the Mojave Desert, stretched between clusters of giant boulders, the first annual Liquid Earth Gathering spun a three day cultural web, filled with bands, camping, and few donkeys.
Adam Upton is 20, founder of Liquid Earth Gathering, founder of Soul Juice Band, and founder of Mystic Liquid Records. The proprietor of the land used for this gathering, who goes by Garth, generously hosted 28 bands, 4 dj’s and over 300 attendees.
Inspired by the lands intrinsic positive energy, festival heads and city folk alike, sand stomped in cosmic harmony beneath the rolling shadows of ancient rock globes. Complete with yoga, interactive installation art, live music, and a dramatic landscape, the organizers and attendees succeeded in collaborating to create an experience worth sharing.
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Photos by: Max Reyes

Music by: The Levitation Room – Til You Reach Your Last Breath