“Free your mind and your ass will follow, as the good ol’ funkadelic would say”.

So, we’re at Historical Monument 157… want to tell us a little bit about this space and how you both ended up living here?
  • The space is magical for us, its where we hide. It’s a very inspiring place, it’s like you feel eight years old inside when you’re here. It’s kind of haunted, the state of HM… it is a very alive house. We performed our second concert ever here which was our first concert in LA. We have a magical connection to this house and we have been living here for almost 2 years.
Where did the name the LA Drones come from?
  • Many meanings… LA comes from our last band which we cannot say because it is a secret and of course LA stands for Los Angeles. Also,  La Drones means Thieves. And where we come from… there are La Drones ‘thieves’, all over. There are La Drones corrupting the world!
What genre would you say your music falls under?
  • People have said we fall under Sci-fi Post Punk, playing with synthesizers in a punk. We have a connection to kraut-rock and electronic as well as Detroit Techno. Our newest influence comes from ACID house. We always talk about having black hearts since we love black music such as the Dub, blues, funk, disco, soul, electro, techno, and all this with punk: POST Punk. 
Who are the musical icons/influences for the LA Drones?
  • Talking heads, Brian Eno, and Cabaret Voltaire.
Who designed your X masks and where did the inspiration come from?
  • The idea came from Pablo. He was crazy about comic books and wanted to represent all thieves from comic books. We wanted something simple and we made our first masks in thirty minutes.
The sexual tension is real on stage… where does it come from?
  • It comes from feminist punks… you know… sounds from the pussy. We want to demonstrate the power of the women, this is very important to us. Many women are being killed because they are supposed to be the weak gender when we are in fact are not. We give birth, we give life.
How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
  • You can buy our records on Bandcamp or from our record label Starcraft out of Oakland. 
Outside of your music, what do you both enjoy doing?
  • Reading, partying, living at HM157 means we are always working with music. Also, we are totally crazy. We’ve been buying music our entire lives too, we are collectors but right now we are traveling and can’t hold on to excess weight.
Any last words?
  • Free your mind and your ass will follow, as the good ol’ funkadelic would say. – Darlingtonia
  • I hate the cliché music in the world. – Kotrol Remoto

Photos by: Max Reyes