Sold Out Night at The Peppermint Club

The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood is preserved at an arctic temperature. The moment you’re cleared by the bouncer and enter the building, a sheet of chilled air tightens your skin and your body feels like a tongue after crushing mints and taking a deep breath. The body-breath-mint-effect is complemented by a ceiling that glimmers differently at every angle, and looks like gold glass that’s been shattered into a fine dust and painted on. Orange globes and custom bronze lamps produce a light that melts into the room instead of reflecting off of it—a result that makes ordinary people at the bar look like opulent rogues that might try and buy the bar with spices and private equity. 
L.A. Qoolside, a trio made up of identical twins (Michael and Thomas Mauriello) and front woman Marika Dahlin opened the show. The twins synchronized ass shakes (the way only identical twins can) and whined sad-boy raps, all while playing the roles of competing paramours clawing for the attention and affection of their hearts’ prize, Marika. Marika left the the crowd torn between impure thoughts and laughter. Together, L.A. Qoolside lead a liturgy of irony, skill, and unapologetic fun that inspired spectators to genuflect out of respect (some repentance) and beg for “one more song.” 
Finding Novyon looks cool, damn cool. Contrary to most contemporary artist, Finding Novyon’s aesthetic actually reflects who he is—a relaxed guy that is ready to turn up at the tap of a hi-hat. He took to the stage like an aerobics trainer, jumping for entire choruses, leading the crowd in fast windshield-wiper arm waves, and finally, back-arching with precision until his heart pointed at the gold ceiling in a cathartic climax as he released the final bars to his final verse.
Thanks to all that came and helped sell the venue out, find more photos on our Facebook HERE