Friday Nights at Clifton’s Republic – A Downtown Extravaganza.

Clifton’s is a legendary dining & nightlife destination where classic food & four floors of unique cocktail environments remind you that life is truly an adventure.
This fantasy environment, patterned after California’s ancient Redwood forests, celebrates the natural and cultural wonder of the Golden State and its people. With its twelve-foot diameter Coastal Redwood towering over it’s three story amphitheater– Cathedral Grove– and its massive stone fireplace presiding over brooks, a chapel and an assortment of Natural History dioramas and other wonders, Clifton’s is truly one of a kind.
Every nook and cranny holds a story, and the entire space beckons travelers of all ages in search of history and adventure. Vintage taxidermy and themed rooms throughout, go-go dancers, surprise burlesque, a floor with a live band that ranges from 20’s flapper music to 40’s big band… you name it, Clifton’s has it going on.